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The Kiwanis Club of Mountain View Foundation accepts grant requests beginning October 1st of each year that meet a critical health or human care need in the city of Mountain View.  Grant requests should address the needs of children under the age of 18 or seniors over age 60, and must have objectives that are time-specific and measurable.  

The Kiwanis Club of Mountain View may help fund capital campaign projects that are consistent with Club priority to provide services to low-income children, adolescents or seniors.

The deadline for submission is December 1st of each year.  Grant requests postmarked after December 1st, or delayed beyond the December 1st deadline due to improper postage, will not be considered.  

The grant request must be for a specific amount.  It would be helpful if the program budget provided different alternatives and results if the grant could not be fully funded, such as how many children, adolescents, and seniors in each group would be served or how a program would be modified.

Organizations must submit a report of how the previous grant money was spent and specific results. 

Organizations submitting grants must have a 501(c)(3) status or government agency equivalent.  501(c)(3) organizations must provide a copy of their Federal Tax-exempt Notification Letter and a list of the Board of Directors.  

Grant application requests should be mailed to the Kiwanis Club of Mountain View, P.O. Box 607, Mountain View, CA 94042. 

The Foundation Grants Committee reviews all applications in accordance with the guidelines and focuses on services to the Kiwanis target group of children, adolescents, and seniors with the emphasis on benefiting the greatest number in the local community given Club resources. 


Grant awards are generally presented in January or February.

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