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scholarship faq

If you have any other questions regarding the Kiwanis Scholarship application, please email our Scholarship Committee at info [at]

1. Who do I contact if I have any questions about the application?

* You can email and address your email to Carol Lewis.


2. Do I need to print out the application and where do I mail it?


* Yes, you will need to print out the PDF application and mail it, along with your [1] high school transcript and [2] your letter(s) of recommendation(s) back to our mailing address below. More importantly, your application packet should be sent back with a postmark date by no later than the deadline date found on the PDF application. You can download the application HERE.

Kiwanis Club of Mountain View
Attn: Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 607
Mountain View, CA 94041

3. What if I have more details I wish to include in a specific part of the application but there was not enough room to fill it in?

* You can always attach your answers (along with their questions included) on a separate piece of paper to the main application. This includes the Personal Essay you will be writing, which will likely be on a separate piece of paper. Be sure to staple or paper clip everything together INCLUDING your high school transcript AND your letter of recommendations from your reference contacts.

4. What do I do if my reference contact, who has agreed to write me a letter of recommendation, did not provide me with that letter? 

* Per the application instructions, you should have used the "Scholarship Recommendation Letter Request form" provided to you inside of the PDF Application on Page 8. This request form is/was to be given to your contact reference who writes the letter of recommendation for you. Your reference contact should either have handed you the letter of recommendation, OR they will be mailing it in to Kiwanis directly. Either way, it is your responsibility to follow up with your references so that you can ensure a completed application.

5. How do I ask a counselor or teacher to write me a letter of recommendation?

* Download the PDF application, and print out Page 8. Fill out your name and Student ID# and hand this form to the person you are requesting the letter of recommendation from. At the time of request, you should ask this reference if they would be okay with just handing you the letter of recommendation(in a sealed envelope). You can let them know that you must put together the application package and mail it to us before the deadline date on the application.  Most references will oblige. For those that are not comfortable with handing you a letter directly, please inform your reference that they can follow the instructions on the Request form and mail it in to Kiwanis directly.

6. My reference contact said that my letter of recommendation has been mailed but Kiwanis has not received it yet, what can I do? 

* If you have confirmation from Kiwanis that we have not received that letter, you will need to contact your reference person and request that it either be mailed again to Kiwanis, or if they can hand you a printed one right away in a sealed envelope so that you can mail it yourself to Kiwanis. Before you re-mail or before your reference re-mails the letter, be sure you update Kiwanis at so that we are aware of any delay this may pose on your application.

7. Who do I contact to get my high school transcript? 

* You will need to contact your school's registrar for your academic records. If you don't know who that is, check in with your school's administrative office and ask.

8. If I mail my application package after the postmarked deadline date, will I be disqualified? 

* Short answer, YES.  As with any college-type of application and grant, you may be judged on your ability to demonstrate responsibility, timeliness, and good decision making skills. 


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